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How to maintain Property Value!

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

Waiting for prices to go up or the right time to sell? In the meantime make sure to keep your property value and avoid surprises with some home maintenance and possible upgrades.


Ask your realtor for guidance on what you can do to boost your home’s worth. An agent may notice small problems that have a big impact. We already know that kitchen and bathroom updates will increase your value but how about a carpet cleaning or refinish your hardwood floor? There are many small tricks you can do to make your home look new or better.

Home Maintenance

Spring is the perfect time of year to get your house in shape. We have compiled a list of interior and exterior maintenance tips by Mr Handyman.

Interior †

  1. Change HVAC air filters. †

  2. Clean and inspect window screens for damage.

  3. A little work now will keep unwanted pests outside your home. †

  4. Look for moisture in the basement and crawl space.

  5. Leaks in these spaces could turn into costly repairs.

  6. Make sure your sump pump is in working order. †

  7. Inspect the air-conditioning system.

  8. Trim brush around the unit and clean the coils if necessary. †

  9. Inspect the washing machine water hoses for cracks and the dryer vent for lint buildup. †

  10. Inspect the air ducts for buildup of mold, allergens or debris.

Exterior †

  1. Inspect gutters and downspouts for damage and debris. Working gutters ensure that water is diverted from your home’s foundation. †

  2. Trim trees and shrubs that are near the house. This can prevent damage to siding, windows or the roof.

  3. Inspect caulking around doors and windows for damage or wear. Replace if necessary to increase energy efficiency. †

  4. Inspect wooden decks, railings, windowsills and steps for rot. Repair or replace damaged wood, and touch up paint, stain or wood finish. †

  5. Pressure wash patios, decks, driveway / walkways, and outdoor furniture. Pressure wash your soffits and siding too, if necessary. †

  6. Inspect outdoor sprinkler heads for damage from snow plows or cold weather. Look for leaking valves, and verify the watering schedule on the control panel. †

  7. Inspect and tune up any lawn maintenance equipment.

  8. Sharpen tools, charge batteries, lubricate moving parts and replace old gas. †

  9. Clean debris from foundation vents and window wells.

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