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California is more than Hollywood and Silicon Valley. California is the state where everything grows, it's where surfers, skaters, hikers and mountain bikers thrive, where the nature flourish and the beautiful coastal landscape speaks for itself. 


Why do we love California? Because we've got a little bit of everything,  redwoods, mountains, skiing and snow as well as beaches, sun and warm weather. 


Come and join us in any of the communities below.

Service Areas

We serve many areas along the Californian coast. Read more about them below.

Santa Cruz


The surfers' paradise where brands like O'Neill and Netflix were started. This iconic place is known for sun, sand and summer fun. Most tourists head for the Beach Boardwalk, roller coasters and sea lions at the wharf but Santa Cruz offers so much more than that.

Spectacular nature sites, mountains, hidden beaches, farmers' markets, biking, skating, hippies and a heartfelt community all in one town. 


Image by Y S

Monterey is best known for the outdoors activities and experiences. While the tourists come to see the Monterey Bay Aquarium, the locals know where to spot sea otters and seals around the bay.


Aside from sea life you will also find beautiful natural settings, beaches, golf courses, wineries and stunning biking paths along the ocean. 



Wether you are looking for that next mountain home or vacation spot, Truckee is the place to be. 

Truckee is an active and adventure driven mountain town with everything from kayaking to mountain biking, skiing and rafts. Truckee is well known for its logging, ice manufacturing, the Emigrant Trail, as well as for the tragic expedition of the Donner Party



If you like wine, then Napa and Sonoma county is a no brainer, being two world famous wine regions, but they also offer so much more than that. 


Just an hour north of San Francisco you will find these two gems with beautiful mountains, forest, rivers, biking trails and food from gourmet pop-ups, farm to table and multi-course, Michelin-starred dining experiences. Sonoma also has miles of gorgeous Pacific ocean coastline. 

San Jose

Image by Kelvin Zyteng

Do you want to be in the heart of Silicon Valley, next to Apple, Google and all the big tech companies? 

Then Santa Clara is the place to be for your next step in your career or education. Pick one of the unique little towns located next to beautiful nature and only 30min - 1 hour from the beach.

South Lake Tahoe

Image by Alec Krum

Right by the Sierra Mountains you will find spectacular South Lake Tahoe with many outdoor winter and summer activities like hiking, biking, skiing and boating. You also have access to casinos and night life right across the border.


South Lake Tahoe is not only fun, it is also known for having great education and schools.  

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