Rick has always been a caring “people person”. His first career was teaching and he thoroughly enjoyed the interpersonal relationships of working with kids and families from all walks of life. Rick had dabbled in real estate investment in the summers of the raging days of the 1990’s.  In doing this, Real estate got “in his blood”, so to speak.  So, in 2005, Rick decided to get his realtors license.  

After a successful career as a realtor, he decided to get his Brokers license and open his own brokerage in 2015. Rick got to interact behind the scenes with many well-run brokerages and some not so well-run. It was with this experience an insight, that Rick set off to open his own brokerage. In 2016 he brought on his first three agents: Carlo, Genevieve and Chris.

As an agent, Rick held himself to the highest ethical standards and levels of industry knowledge.  After years of earnest work, and trying to represent each client fully keeping their interests as the primary motivation, his business grew largely by word of mouth. He got to be known as the agent most likely to get his jeans dirty helping his clients.

So, when it came time to open Miritz Real Estate, Rick was pretty set on the type of agents he wanted to work with. Honest, smart, and personable were prerequisites. He was looking for Realtors who take pride in being solid professionals, using their knowledge to help people, and having the personal skills to make it fun. Today Miritz Real Estate has succeeded in attracting 5 like-minded agents to the agency, and Rick could not be happier.


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